Sex Tech Has Embraced Female Pleasure, But Lesbians Are Still Being Left Out Of The Conversation

LGBTQ+ women bring skills, experiences, and insights that straight consumers can benefit from, says Brianna Radar, the founder of Juicebox. Getty Sex tech entrepreneurs wanting to cater to women, would do well to listen to what lesbians have to say about female pleasure. Barriers between the traditionally white, straight, male world of investment and the […]

What If Porn Had No Pictures?

Image Hanna Barczyk Female-run businesses want to bring audio pornography to the imaginative, ethically conscious masses. By Marisa Meltzer Published Nov. 20, 2019 Updated Nov. 21, 2019 “I know it when I see it,” Justice Potter Stewart famously wrote in a 1964 Supreme Court case when asked to set legal parameters for “hard-core” pornography. But […]